~~Thank you for having a heart big enough to want to be involved as a Surrogate Mother~~

This is not for everyone and the fact that you are looking, means that you could have what it takes. Here is a list of what our services will provide for your Intended Parents, which in turn will provide you with a high level of service and commitment during this journey. (Please contact us with any questions or comments that you might have.) 

  • A contract with the Agency and Intended Parents 
  • Pre-match screening for the Surrogate including a California Surrogate, a compatibility assessment and a comprehensive questionnaire of the Surrogate's experiences, desires and needs
  • Finding a compatible Surrogate 
  • Post-match services for the Surrogate including arrangement of psychological screening by a licensed Psychologist and a medical evaluation by your IVF Physician, coordination of travel arrangements and assistance with applications for obtaining life and health insurance including cycling insurance and maternity coverage 
  • Assistance with pre-contract negotiations and oversee contract fulfillment 
  • Comprehensive list of fertility clinics, attorneys and psychologists familiar with surrogacy and insurances that are potentially surrogate friendly 
  • Assistance with any issues that may arise during the pregnancy or cycling 
  • Constant monitoring of the Surrogates medical cycling 
  • Coordination with the Pre-Birth Order and Hospital Administration for a smooth hospital experience and to ensure that your names are on the Birth Certificate
  • Support throughout the process for the Intended Parents and Surrogate

If an Egg Donor is chosen to work with you these services include:

  • The services provided above and 
  • Pre-match compatibility assessment, psychological screening, a review of medical records for Egg Donor and a comprehensive questionnaire of the Egg Donors medical history 
  • Post-match services for the Egg Donor including arrangement of a medical evaluation by your IVF Physician 
  • Coordination with IVF clinic for Surrogate and Egg Donor cycling

We realize that you may have set your own fees, or have an idea of where your compensation needs to fall; however, we are providing an idea of approximately where industry standards are falling presently.Please feel free to discuss this topic with us.

Estimated Surrogate Base Compensation

  • $24,000    Estimated First time Surrogate's base compensation
  • $34,000    Estimated Experienced Surrogate's base compensation

Typically, Surrogates compensation will be distributed monthly on the 1st of the following month upon IVF Physician verification of 2nd fetal heartbeat with a balloon payment upon delivery.

The reason these fees are estimated is that the Surrogate may have a lower or higher than average compensation request. We will work to keep all fees as close to this estimation as possible.

Possible Additional Surrogate Compensation

  • $4500   Non-accountable monthly allowance for telephone charges, faxing, postage, childcare, gas, parking tolls,
  • Prescription & non-prescription supplements, lost wages for Surrogate/Spouse for prenatal appointments and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Typically, paid at $300/month for approximately 15 months beginning the 1st of the month following the contract signing.
  • $ 500    Paid on injection start date, also known as medication fee.
  • $750     Paid at Embryo Transfer (This payment is for any days missed from work for self and/or Spouse, caretaker, childcare and miscellaneous expenses)
  • $ 300    For a mock cycle (Not all IVF clinics require this)
  • $500-$750   Maternity clothes allowance (This is a one time fee, typically, payable at the beginning of the 13th week)
  • $200     Cancelled cycle (dropped cycle) after the Surrogate starts Lupron. (Ordered by the IVF Physician or if IPs cancel cycle, no fault of the Surrogate)
  • $2000   Urgent Cesarean Section surgery (If medically necessary and ordered by Physician)
  • $6000   Multiple Birth Fee Twins (Typically, payable at $1000/month beginning the 1st of the month following the 16th week of pregnancy with any balance due upon delivery)
  • $500     Invasive Procedure Fee Including: Fetal Reduction, D&C, Abortion/Termination, Amniocentesis or CVS, Ectopic Pregnancy, Cerclage
  • $1500   If one or both tubes are removed due to an Ectopic Pregnancy. Typically, paid in addition to Invasive Procedure Fee as above.
  • $5000   Hysterectomy caused from delivery. Typically, paid up to 3 months Postpartum.

Medical coverage for maternity: Intended parents are responsible for monthly premiums, deductibles, co-payments and any remaining balance due to the pregnancy regardless of insurance type. If you do not have health insurance, or if your health insurance has an exclusion to surrogacy, we will assist you in applying for insurance.

All fees listed are quoted in US Dollars and are reasonable estimations based on industry standards.

All of the fees listed are negotiable during the contract phase and can be subject to change at any time without notice prior to contract signing with the surrogate.

Before Intended Parents and Surrogates are sent to their attorneys for contract negotiations, the Agency will provide a worksheet to ensure the Intended Parents and Surrogates have similar views for the pregnancy and fee schedule.

Wombs of Hope is committed to serve the Intended Parents, Surrogate and Egg Donors throughout the term of our Agreement. Our goal is that all parties will be gratefully satisfied during the matching, contract and cycling phases, during the pregnancy and after the birth until all aspects of the journey are complete.

Potential Surrogates and Egg Donors

~~I have had a passion for surrogacy for many years. I became a surrogate in 2001 and by referrals started a small agency with my vast experience in the field. I am very much hands on and provide very personal attention. I have created more babies and families for others than I could ever have imagined. I make the process of surrogacy as affordable and simple a process as it can be. I know and have worked with most of the Bay Area doctors and lawyers. I pretty much take care of everything, including contracts, and attend most appointments so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey of creating your family. Look forward to speaking with you further. 

           ~~ Cheryl Lindemann, Founder and CEO


Our Founder